Island Style Fishing - Half Day Fishing
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Half Day Fishing

Deep Sea Fishing Package: A half day of fishing is a 4 hour trip.

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Deep Sea Fishing Package: A half day of fishing is a 4 hour trip.

All fishing begins from the moment the boat leaves the dock, until return. The boat can leave the earliest possible by request of the angler.

Persons coming from the cruise ships, timing depends on how soon they can get off the ship from the time it makes port.

All bait, fresh  and artificial and tackle is provided.

Anglers can use their favorite bait.

Food is not provided on these trips.

Anglers are free to bring along any snacks or lunch.

Locally made Rum Punch and drinking water are provided.

Techniques include a combination of trolling and use of Fads (fish attracting devices).

Anglers can keep fish caught, can be filleted by request.


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